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SeneGence LipSense Review Barrie Ontario Canada Independent Distributor #396200 Nancy O'Donnell

Believe Bigger!

Review the Business Opportunity to Become a LipSense SeneGence Distributor?
A Review of LipSense, The Direct Selling Opportunity and why it was the furthest thing from my mind…..

Our Story: Lipstick that doesn’t come off on costumes? Lipstick that would last all day and not smear? Waterproof? Kiss-proof? Whatever that is made of, how can THAT BE HEALTHY? Well those were all the thoughts that went through my head as friend after friend kept telling me that my daughter would LOVE LipSense for her performances. “LipSense is PERFECT for Theatre” they would say. “LipSense will not come off on her microphone” Christina Aguilera is famous for that statement. “LipSense will last Megan through multiple shows even under the stage lights” … “LipSense won’t get on the little princesses when she kisses and hugs them during performances”. In the spring of 2017 it seemed like LipSense was all over my Facebook News Feed! It was actually quite annoying! With each new friend that approached me I would tell them how sensitive my daughter’s skin was and how I really didn’t want her using stains or anything that wasn’t child friendly. Then a friend of mine, Betty, dropped over with a GIFT collection for ME to try .. that was a colour that COULD work for my daughter. So I could try it and see….. well. That was the beginning of our Mother/Daughter Story. Even Daddy got in on the action too because HE is a chemicals product specialist and brought home his “chemical Bible” so we could check every single ingredient. MY DAUGHTER LOVED her LipSense Sassy Z from the moment she put it on her lips…. And SO OUR STORY BEGAN!!

What is LipSense LipStick?
LipSense is a revolutionary, waterproof lip colour that is applied in three thin layers. LipSense does not smudge, smear, rub-off, transfer onto your drink, or kiss-off. It can last up to 18 hours! With over 50 shades to choose from and the layering process, you can literally create thousands and thousands of custom colours.

Unopened, LipSense can last for 7 years. Once opened it can last between 2 and 3 years. One tube of LipSense is equivalent to approximately 4 tubes of lipstick. With daily use, a LipSense can last up to 6 months. LipSense is the flagship wow product of a company named SeneGence which manufactures an entire line of long lasting makeup and revolutionary anti-aging skin care products. LipSense colours are broken down to work with both warm, cool and neutral skin tones and are available in both matte and shimmer finishes. There are 11 glosses that are offered to compliment your LipSense.

LipSense is socially responsible and a product that serves the masses. It is Gluten Free, Wax Free, Lead Free, Vegan and is not tested on animals. It is even a mechanical sunscreen and shields your lips from the environment. LipSense is manufactured in pharmaceutical grade facilities in the USA and is formulated in compliance with FDA regulations.

Let's do a little recap of what we know so far:
SeneGence / LipSense products

  • Are not tested on animals
  • Use no animal by-products
  • Made in Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing Facility
  • Made in the US
  • Meet FDA Regulations
  • No wax or lead
  • Gluten Free
  • No GMOs
  • Kosher
  • Waterproof LipSense / Some products are water resistant
  • Form a Mechanical Sunscreen and protect skin from the environment

So, is this a new company? NOPE! With just 6 shades of LipSense lipstick, SeneGence International was founded by Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999. LipSense entered Canada in 2001, but it has been relatively a quiet giant in Canada until 2016 when it exploded on Social Media. (Yes, you have seen many a lady swiping that clean finger across her lips on YouTube and Facebook). The company has quickly expanded to include revolutionary skin care and cosmetics, but we will chat about those later!

LipSense Application
LipSense works with a 2-step system. You have your LipSense lip colour and your Glossy Gloss sealer. You also need the Ooops! Remover in case you make a little boo boo and for when you want to take your colour off at the end of the day. Before you apply lipSense, your lips need to first be free of any product and completely clean and dry. I like to use a little witch hazel to clean my lips first, but that’s just my preference. You apply LipSense on clean lips in 3 very thin coats, in one direction and wait 5 to 10 seconds between coats for the layer to dry before applying the next layer. Once the third layer is dry, you seal with Glossy Gloss! Don’t let your lips touch before you apply the glossy gloss, or you will find that your lips are sticky and may pull colour off. Same thing with not going back and forth with the colour on your lips. It will remove colour if they are tacky. Wait until you get your glossy gloss on and then have fun smooshing the luxuriously rich gloss that contains shea butter and vitamin e. It will keep your lips hydrated and nourished. Keep it with you to reapply the gloss on your lips throughout the day before and after meals to protect the colour..

LipSense Removal
When you are ready to remove your LipSense you can do so with the Ooops! Remover. It is a blend of fabulous oils that make removal a cinch. Like application, your lip colour may come off in layers. First wipe off any remaining gloss. Then apply Ooops! With your wand on both upper and lower lips. Leave on your lips for about 120 seconds and then remove with a warm wash cloth or towelette. If any colour remains, repeat the process until your lips are completely clean.

How much is LipSense?
LipSense is initially sold as a starter kit for $67 Canadian $$ or you can join my team for $55 and receive wholesale pricing for 20% to 50% discount (depending on your purchase levels). The starter kit includes: LipSense liquid lip color, moisturizing glossy gloss and an Ooops! Lip Color remover . All prices are plus shipping / handling and tax.

Once you have your initial starter kit, LipSense colours are just $30 Canadian $$ and our glosses are $25 Canadian $$. Oops! Remover is $12 Canadian but you will probably not need a new one for a very long time after your initial starter kit purchase!

How do I buy LipSense?
I do have an online store where you can purchase direct through SeneGence, ( and my ID #396200) I prefer my clients contact me to purchase directly from me so that I can assist you with a full service checkout so that I can assist with questions, as well as control the shipping costs for you and send items out in my branded packaging. I also like to include my Tips & Tricks instructions when I do the actual shipping. It is very easy for you to purchase locally as well at my pop up shops and events. You can also connect with me online at Facebook at my business page or I invite you to join my Facebook group where you can see detailed descriptions and images of LipSense & SeneGence cosmetics and skin care.

For your initial purchase, you’ll need to order the starter kit which comes with Ooops! Lip Color remover, one LipSense lipstick lip colour, and a LipSense gloss Yes you MUST purchase the glossy gloss to SEAL your colour and NO it does not work with any other brand gloss. If you prefer a matte gloss we have one of those as well.

Become a retail purchaser today, or be like me and sign up for wholesale pricing. And guess what… that means you can ALSO sell to others once you join my team!!

To Order directly with me, contact us in email here.

My LipSense Review: Final Thoughts
As you can see, I’ve become a huge fan of LipSense, and the entire SeneGence cosmetic line! The SeneGence Revolutionary Skin Care is Worlds ahead of the competition as well. I love the cosmetics because they are all long lasting and many are either water resistant or waterproof, non-smudging and cream to powder, leaving a flawless finish on your face. LipSense is still by far the most popular product with my clients and for good reason! It’s amazing and because it addresses the needs of so many being wax-free, lead-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, no GMOS, not tested on animals, no animal by-products AND a mechanical sunscreen against the elements! Of course, when you have the opportunity to make up thousands of custom colours to match any need, LipSense becomes the SUPER POWER of the lipstick world.

My ME STORY With SeneGence & How It Has Changed My Life
I have been a SeneGence distributor selling LipSense in Canada since June 2017 – I signed up because my daughter was too young to do so and she wanted to share it with her friends. So, we do it together….. I had no idea of the amazing power of a lipstick! As of March, 2019, we have had over 100 ladies on our team and I have personally attained the rank of Countess with SeneGence. We have been growing in Canada at a tremendous pace and I was thankful to host my first training with over 100 ladies in November 2017. Canada’s first queen, Patty Winter was kind enough to travel here to Barrie Ontario to be our guest speaker. Since that time I have hosted many Ontario trainings and have been recognized company wide several times as being the #1 SeneSupport Sponsor in Canada as well as achieved the highest rank possible Emerald SeneSponsor! Company wide my peers have awarded me the honor of Ms. SeneSynergy in July 2018. Ms. SeneSynergy is a distributor recognized for motivating, encouraging and empowering others. The highlight of my Sene-Career to date was at Leaders Conference in October 2018 where I was recognized on stage as the only Canadian to earn Emerald level in all of Canada for the year! I was also ranked #2 in all of Canada for annual Sponsoring and had the amazing opportunity to spend the evening with the international leaders in the company, including Joni Rogers-Kante (our Founder and CEO). The excitement is REAL!!! There are so many incentives I am working toward with SeneGence that the excitement and ENCOURAGEMENTis always present! Car incentives, trips, gifts, bonuses, commissions… this new business partnering with SeneGence has, as Joni says, offered “Products that really work, and a career opportunity that really works”. It is an opportunity to help set my daughter’s future in motion….

Becoming a SeneGence distributor has given my family the opportunity for us to plan for financial stability as my husband approaches retirement and our daughter finishes off high school soon to enter the world of post secondary education! For me, I am thankful to my friend Betty who first gave me our starter collection. That little lipstick has me doing LIVE videos and wanting to get my entire body back into shape. Doing your makeup every day is a kick start to wanting to be the COMPLETE very best you!! I’ve always enjoyed networking and my daughter fell in love with LipSense so together it would be a great partnership. Being a marketing specialist, I quickly did a SWOT analysis and knew the product and company philosophy was a wonderful match for us. Sharing the SeneGence opportunity with other women on my team has also brought about amazing changes in their lives as well! We look forward to presenting a world of BELIEVING BIGGER to other women to live the life they only dreamed of!

How you can become a SeneGence distributor
Looking to be your own boss? Do you love makeup / skin care? If you think you might like to become an independent SeneGence distributor in 2018, I would LOVE to hear from you. SeneGence is a solid company about quality products and empowering women to work hard for the life they dream of. I love the flexibility of working from home and being available for my daughter’s extracurricular activities. For just $55 plus tax and shipping ($79.10) you too can start YOUR BUSINESS and become a BOSS BABE!! The company provides you with materials and training and I am 100% onboard to be as involved as you need me to be to get you started selling LipSense and the entire SeneGence product line. Your $55 provides you with a distributor kit, CDs etc. Immediately upon your first order you earn 20% - 50% discounts plus once you share the business with others, you earn generous commissions, cars, trips and many more incentives. I love that the company rewards you with a higher discount the more you purchase each month, so you can afford to buy and try many new SeneGence products. There are so many benefits to becoming an independent distributor with SeneGence International – be your own boss, make your own hours, flexible scheduling, tax benefits. No autoships, no monthly minimums, your $55 is like a Costco membership but it is a Makeup Membership and you can choose to enjoy just the discounts or share the products with others and earn commissions.
Ready to sign up? Click Here. Be sure to use my Distributor # 396200!

What does being a LipSense distributor entail?
Do you need network marketing experience? NOPE. You can learn as you earn! Your business your way… how would you like to sell? Online? Social Media? How about Makeovers or home Demos? Wedding Consultations? Expos and Trade Shows? It is however you would like it. Some NEVER do a home demo… others LOVE THEM. Today with technology many don’t even have to sell outside the home but instead host online parties and sell on social media. Superior customer service is the key to being successful. On whatever platform that happens to be for you, follow up follow up follow up.

Join Canada’s Fastest Growing team!
Start your business in the nooks and pockets of time in your life. Organize your schedule to be your own boss and BELIEVE BIGGER toward the life of your dreams. We are part of the fastest growing team Canada wide. We have distributors across the county and even into the US!! We have set up an easy duplicatable system to train you and your team. I am confident that our system will help you be successful. Part of our team involves weekly online trainings, a booklet to help get you started and incentives to help encourage you along your road to royalty (yes SeneGence rank advancements are all Royal Ranks of Maiden, Royal, Lady, Countess, Duchess, Princess, Queen etc.!) When you join SeneGence and my team, I personally mentor each and every one of my distributors to help you with trainings that will assist you in growing your team as well! Let’s grow together! If you’re ready to own your own business, work hard and be a part of the fastest growing team in Canada, I would love to have you join us! Believe Bigger - Together we are stronger!!

If you have any questions about ordering or about becoming a LipSense SeneGence Independent distributor in 2022 please email me or contact me in my Facebook Group at

Experience Revolutionary Results in our skincare, our cosmetics AND an amazing business opportunity! An entire lifestyle change awaits you! What started out as receiving a gift of a lipcolour collection for my daughter's performances, has developed into constant growth and a life changing experience. We would love to hear YOUR story!

SeneGence® offers a unique business opportunity to empower women all over the world. Would you like to learn more about the amazing benefits presented to independent distributors? Imagine a life being a professional business owner with the flexibility to live life by YOUR standards! Imagine a life you've dreamed of!!! Contact us to learn more and about our opportunity events in your area!

We are blessed with a global economy that permits us to partner with people all over the world. We are physically located in Barrie, Ontario Canada, Just 1 hour north of Toronto Canada. We would love to welcome you into our wonderfully supportive group of ladies in both Canada and the United States! We are called "Team SeneAchievers!!"

Register as a business partner with our team! Use Distributor ID #396200 and link directly into our Wonder-Women team and team leader NANCY O'DONNELL.

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